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Day 1: February 26, 2021

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Moving forward with the Conclave we had the event on "Growth Hacking" skills by Mr. Swapnil Pase; Director, Anuvaa and Co-Founder & Director, Freelancers Academy.

The Conclave came to an end with "Lateral Thinking" skills by Mr. Pradeep Upadhyaya; New Age Skills Specialist/Trainer, Transformational Speaker at "The One Thing” Consulting.

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This was followed by the "Tycoons of Today" Competition which tested the decision making skills of the participants.

Following this we had an workshop on the topic of "Brand Building" by Mr. Peshwa Acharya; Founder,

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We had our third and final Competition for the day, "The Office" which put participants in a real life corporate scenario in an enagaging way.

Continuing with our masterclasses we had one with Startup India by Mr. Sagar Sengar; Associate at Startup India & Invest India

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The day went on with a session on "Personal Financing" by Ms. Shristi Jain; Product Head at Ticker by Finology.

The highlight of our day consisted of the much awaited Panel Discussion on "Success Redefined" with Dr. Ashok Wadia; Principal, Jai Hind College (Autonomous), Mr. Harshil Karia; Co-Founder, Schbang, Mr. Viraj Sheth; Co-Founder, Monk Entertainment and Mr. Rishabh Shah; Founder & President, IIMUN

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After this, we had a masterclass on "Fintech and the Future of Finance" by Mr. Mitesh Shah; Co-Founder, Inflection Point Ventures and ExCFO, BookMyShow & OLA.

Specially organized for our startups we had a session with Amazon Web Services by Mr. Kartikeya Sharma; AWS VC & Startup Ecosystem

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Day 1 came to a fulfilling end with a masterclass on "Passion and Purpose" by our international speaker Mr. Terry Torok; Chief Innovation Officer, Enactus.

Day 2: February 27, 2021

Our Keynote Speaker Sessions commenced zealously with Mr. Bhaskar Majumdar; Founder and Managing Partner, Unicorn India Ventures.

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A riveting Fireside Chat with Mrs. Manisha Girotra; CEO, Moelis India, threw light on the current banking sector and women as business leaders.

Succeeding this we had an enriching dialogue by Mr. Tarun Katial; Chairman DEC, IAMAI, ExCEO ZEE5 India and Founder BIG FM 92.7 on OTT platforms today.

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Mr. Rakesh Khanna; CEO, Atos|Syntel concluded our flagship Keynote Speeches with an insightful delivery on technology, automation along with inspirational anecdotes.

The day continued with our "Plot that Thought" Competition testing the artistic and graphic designing skills of participants.

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Abiding by "Make Your Network Your Networth" and to help uplift startups we had our Virtual Networking and Mentorship meet.

Addressing the legal industry we hosted a "Masterclass on Patenting" with Mr. Avinash Thakur; CEO, AIC - Pinnacle Entrepreneurship Forum

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Idea generation and innovation being in the need of the hour we had our "Ideameister" Competition testing these skills.

Following this we had our masterclass on "Visual Thinking for Better Communication" by Dr. Rajendra Deshpande; Partner, INGROUP Consulting Services LLP

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Bringing a wholesome end to the two days of the Global E-Summit 2021 was the Flagship Startup Competition Finals and Closing Ceremony.

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