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New Age Skills Conclave

Amidst the transformative aftermath of the fourth industrial revolution, and the soaring relevance of skills irreplaceable with future technology, we intend to familiarise our attendees with these new-age competencies and subsequently upskill them, thereby catalysing our fundamental purpose.

These curious 'New Age' skills constitute the very core of a steadily germinating international movement, which revolves around capabilities that students must master in preparation for success within a rapidly evolving digital society.


New Age skills, as the name suggests, are significantly distinct from traditional academic learnings, for they originate in the dynamics of experience and innovation rather than stagnant content knowledge.


Discover Design Thinking for Growth


Lokesh Venkataswamy

Design Thinker, CEO & Managing Director,

Innomantra Consulting Private Limited

26th February

9:00 AM

Growth Hacking for Students


Swapnil Pase

Director, Anuvaa and Co-Founder

& Director, Freelancers Academy

26th February

10:30 AM

Workshops (1).png
Workshops (2).png

Introduction to Critical Thinking


Pradeep Upadhyaya

'New Age' Skills Specialist/Trainer

Transformational Speaker,

'The One Thing' Consulting

26th February

12:00 PM

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