4th December


Future Prospects for Students with Mr. Santosh PN from Byjus


A Weeklong initiative by Jai Hind E-Cell & Skill Hub

29th November


Entrepreneurship Jeopardy

27th November



25th November


What's My Story with Mr. Tilak Shah, Founder at Ace of Pubs

1st December


Entrepreneurs in Action Walk-a-thon

28th November


One Dollar Venture Competition

26th November


Grey Matter Force Round 3

28th August


Foundational Course with Mr. Ankit Machhar Regional Manager, WF

9th August


Grey Matter Force Round 2

20th July


Risk Mitigation Workshop with Mr. Hersh Shah, CEO at IRM (UK) India Affiliate

6th July


Start-up Networking Meet

23rd November


Digital Marketing in Travel and Tourism with Mr. Ashok Lalla, Digital Business Advisor

20th August


IRM Young Leaders Program with Mr. Hersh Shah, CEO at IRM (UK) India Affiliate

31st July


Grey Matter Force Round 1 (Online)

13th July


Group Discussion with Mr. Noah Cellura and Mr. Adi Chaudhri

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