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Strike a Balance

The environment has become an indispensable theme for all of us. It directly affects our existence and survival.

Recently, china was applauded for constructing the first forest city in the world.

It is said that it aims to house 1,000 individuals. The city, and each and every element of it will function completely on non-conventional sources of energy.

It can be said that along with this being a fantastic solution to the environmental problems, it also proves to be a viable field for business as well!

Here, one can build (construction), design (architecture), look for trees and plants that can enhance the living experience (botany), create cars that rely on renewable sources (automobiles), will have hospitals (medical), schools (education), and so much more!

It is so apparent that along with this beautiful idea for conserving environment can also boost such other businesses or services as well!

At first glance, it may happen that one may think it's difficult to coincide the lines of business and environment in one plane. However, as always, we try to make the difficult simple here and think outside the box.

We know that climate change is true and that it’s happening. We are seeing the grave consequences of it happening around us this includes lesser and unusual rains, forests as amazon catching on fire more often, ozone depletion, melting of ice glaciers to name a few.

This certainly does not mean that we have to shut down the factories and stop production.

It just means that the harmful emissions from it i.e. Pollutants through air, water, and soil can be stopped by introducing large purifiers that will sanctify the chemical gases and water before letting them out of the factory.

It also means that more and more businesses need to be held accountable for the waste that comes with their products and services. The responsibility of disposing of a plastic wrapper or an electronic gadget should not fall on the consumer.

Here, some companies can produce such purifiers and then sell them to other such factories! There can be people to research those purifiers, to make them more efficient, then to produce them, to install them, to repair them, to inspect them and so on.

The above example is one of the many for stopping the harmful impact on the earth, though on a small level.

Sandra Pascoe Ortiz from university of Valle de Atemajac in Mexico recently developed a kind of plastic that is biodegradable.

This is one example from a pool of millions that show that businesses can be sustainable. And that such businesses do have the potential for profits. With the right design team and good marketing, such products can reach the market and catch the public eye.

In these ways, the environment and business can be dealt with beautifully.

We just need to think more and go for innovation for only a win-win attitude can help us here. Our society wins only when the earth does, so sustainability isn’t just our future, it also needs to be our present.

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